We're Rocket Surgery. Some of you may remember us by our old name, Radio In The Nude. If so, you know we've been writing and producing funny-yet-wildly-effective-and-award-winning (FYWEAAW) radio spots for a long time. That sterling reputation has helped us broaden our reach into producing and directing TV spots, branded content, music videos, online series and TV programming. In short, if you have a radio or film project that requires great casting, direction, production and ridiculously long acronyms to make you or your brand famous, we should be on your short list of go-to providers. FYWEAAW. Yeah, it's that simple.


How Do We Work?

The short answer is "any way you want". The longer and somewhat less whore-like answer: three ways. One: you send us a brief and we take care of everything; writing, casting & production. Two: you send us scripts, we'll help you tweak them if you want, then we cast and produce. Or Three: we collaborate on creative then jump into the studio together. We hoped there was a fourth way because of our childish fear of odd numbers, but no luck.

Masters of Casting

A script's success hinges on finding the right talent. We get this. As a result, we work hard to get the perfect performers for each spot. We know where to find them, and have great relationships with a ton of them. Incredibly talented actors and comedians. The type of talent who can say "masters of casting" over and over again with finesse and range and won't slip up and say something pornographic, unless that's what you want.


From a light sensitive touch to a massive sledgehammer of doom, we've got the chops to know just what kind of treatment each script is crying out for. We work with some of the country's best engineers, sound designers and composers. We know what all of the blinking lights in the studio mean, and can make the right ones blink at the right time.

Our Radio Is Funny

People have been coming to us for funny radio spots for more years than we are personally willing to admit. But since "funny" is a subjective thing, it's important that you use your own finely honed ability to recognize humor, and check out some of our spots. (Please note the small bit of smoke we just blew up your butt in an attempt make you like us)

Listen to the Work

Andy often makes the somewhat acrobatic leap from radio directing to directing for film and television. You can see it in his hamstrings. He's been producing and directing tv comedies, music videos, award-winning short films and web series. His work has been seen on Starz Networks, Funny Or Die, and across the internet. His growing body of commercial work has probably been seen right there on your TV.

Every project has been different, from working with scripts where every word was sacred, to working with some great improv actors to make good scripts even better. He's handled projects with a range of budgets and deadlines, and still bagged big game - creatively speaking. Check out the reel, then call to him about your branded content, tv,or film project. If you want a more in depth look at his work, click here to go to his directing site.

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